AgeIPTV Frequently questions aboute Flussonic Panel

You can simple add custom page on flussonic. Go to flussonic admin, then go to config and you will see "custom", add next url http://your_panel_url:port/lic_auth.php and save it. Flussonic authorization Backends
Yes, you can use it in same time. Flussonic authorization Backends Only waht you need it to use "Two Auth Backends" on flussonic. See more on Flussonic doc.
Go to the panel admin, and in "Setting server" add your flussonic url, user/pass and save it. See the pictures Flussonic Iptv Panel Backend On that way panel will feach all your live streams. And you can insert to databese. Make package,create tarrif, add users..etc.
No, you must to have yours.
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